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10 Free Workout Sites You’ll Love

Don’t start a gym membership that you will use for two weeks and then never use again. Instead, try one of these free sites. More

Recipe: High-Protein Banana Bread

Banana bread is a great way to use overripe bananas. Instead of a traditional recipe, why not make this delicious, protein-packed version? More

The Top 6 Immune-Boosting Foods

Can specific foods really help improve the immune system, or prevent you from getting sick? Maybe not, but these six foods might help. More

Could You Be At Risk for Diabetes?

We like to think it could never happen to us. But, good health is never a guarantee. More

3 Health Tips for Workaholics

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14 Healthy Foods for Fall

Many of the squash and root vegetables are coming into season. But what about the rest of the fall produce? More

What’s So Bad About a Sedentary Lifestyle?

Sendentarism. How did we get to this point of living such highly sedentary lives that we now have created a term for it? More

The Safest (and Dirtiest) Fruits You Can Buy

Every year, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) releases their list of the “dirty dozen” and our apple a day tops the list! More

How Sleep Can Affect Your Appetite

Should you choose between extra sleep or an early morning workout? If you’re trying to lose weight, the answer might surprise you. More

The 12 Healthiest Recipe Substitutions

These 12 simple swaps will make even the unhealthiest recipes both delicious and nutritious. More