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Is Your Kid’s Food as Healthy as It’s Advertised to Be?

Study after study shows that “healthy” kids’ food labels may not be as healthy as they claim. Use our comprehensive guide to make the best grocery store selections. More

Shop Smart: The Best Packaged Foods for Your Health

Before you spend, be the most informed consumer you can be with our ultimate guide to packaged foods, which will help you choose the best, healthiest options. More

Cook Scallops en Papillote in Only 15 Minutes

With a little parchment paper and 15 minutes of your day, you can create a healthy, affordable dish. More

An Affordable, Glamorous Cooking Technique: En Papillote

Although it sounds très glamorous, cooking en papillote is quick and simple. Read on to learn a new cooking technique that will impress your friends. More

‘All Natural’? ‘Supports Immunity’? How to Decode Food Packaging

A study tested 58 products labeled as nutritious. The results: 84% didn’t meet basic nutrition standards for sugar, fat, saturated fat, sodium and fiber. More

Delicious Recipes for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Use our easy recipes to whip up a delicious post-Thanksgiving meal using leftovers you already have. More

Thanksgiving Dinner: What to Make Homemade and What to Buy

Think of this as the high-low pairing of a Thanksgiving meal. Here’s when to go all-out, and when prepackaged is okay … no one will know the difference. More

Food for a Month: Week 4

Our Food for a Month series wraps up with a final week of delicious dishes. More

Food for a Month: Week 3

Our Food for a Month series continues with a third week of delicious recipes. More

Food for a Month: Week 2

Our Food for a Month series continues, with a second week of recipes. More