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Score Cash Back Rewards – Without a Card

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Women More Likely to Be Poor

A new study showed that women have saved less than men in every way, except in one case. More

Emotional Investing Can Cost You

Jealousy, fear and anger can keep investors from following the traditional wisdom of “buy low, sell high.” More

5 Ways Rich People Think Differently

This expert claims that the wealthy and the middle class have “polar opposite” views about money. More

5 Steps to Surviving an IRS Audit

Tax auditing is a scary process. If you can’t afford to bring in a pro, here are some tips that will you help you survive your audit. More

If You Want Better Customer Service, Go on Twitter?

For the best customer service, complaining on Twitter may be more effective than going through more traditional routes. Find out why. More

10 Tips on How to Start Flying for Free

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One Woman’s 3-Year Foreclosure Drama

Read one woman’s story of fighting foreclosure on her home over the course of three long and painful years. More

No Coupons, No Customers: Women Are Running From Coupon-Free J.C. Penney

Do you only shop at stores that offer coupons? A coupon-free J.C. Penney is seeing fewer women customers. More

How to Earn More on Your Savings

You may think of bonds as outdated, but you should reconsider. Find out why. More