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Memberships, Subscriptions, And More: Ask For These 8 Money-Saving Gifts

We have some ideas for how to maximize the gifts you get this year. That’s why we bring you our favorite money-saving gifts that keep on giving. More

10 New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

Instead of standing in line at the mall, spending time shopping online, or wrapping and shipping gifts, consider starting some new traditions this year. More

Cheap and Charming Homemade Gifts

Making your own holiday gifts does not mean that you should be giving out hand-knit trivets and bedazzled crafts. More

How to Be a Gracious, Gorgeous Guest on a Budget: The Holiday Party Survival Guide

Holidays are expensive, and not just because of the gifts; hopping between holiday parties can be costly, from hostess gifts to clothing to transportation. More

I Just Moved In—Is The Mortgage Payment My Problem?

If your partner asks you to move in, would you help to pay themortgage bill? The answer was “Sure! It’s just like paying rent.” Actually, it’s not at all. More

Broke In The City: My Frugal Slide Into Credit Card Debt

And yet, like so many other Manhattan-dwelling women under 30, I am broke. And for a long time I didn’t understand why. More

Young Women Of The Mad Men Era Sought Safety, Glamour, And Affordability At The Barbizon Hotel

Living in the Barbizon Hotel in 1964—the way Don Draper’s sometime love interest Bethany Van Nuys does in “Mad Men”—was not only glamorous but also affordable. More