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Why Is Everyone Talking About the Trillion Dollar Coin?

An arcane idea that started from the summer of 2011–a trillion dollar platinum coin to avert the debt ceiling–is now seriously taking off. More

Fiscal Cliff Negotiations Continue On Last Day of 2012

The Democrats made several key concessions yesterday in the Fiscal Cliff negotiations and as a result, the two sides are closer together. More

A Much Better Way to Decide Your Bonus

At Shopify, an e-commerce software startup, they’ve reinvented the process and turned bonus compensation on its head. More

NYSE Sold for $8.2 Billion

IntercontinentalExchange will buy NYSE-Euronext for $8.2 billion. Here are the terms. More

Boehner Agrees to Higher Taxes On Millionaires and Debt Ceiling Hike

With the clock ticking down, Boehner is putting things on the table that represent concessions. The next move is up to the White House. More

Citigroup to Cut 11,000 Jobs

Citigroup plans to cut 11,000 jobs. Why, and could this affect you? More

Black Friday 2012 Had Record Number of Shoppers

A stunning 247 million people shopped online and in stores from Thursday through Saturday, compared with 226 million last year. More

Warren Buffet Proposes 30% Income Tax for Millionaires

Buffett calls on Congress to establish a minimum 30% tax on incomes between $1 million and $10 million, and 35% on incomes above that. More

Walmart Faces Black Friday Strike

Walmart is facing a labor strike on Friday—the kick-off day for the holiday season. More

Bank of America Sued for Mortgage Fraud

The U.S. attorney in Manhattan is suing Bank of America for over $1 billion mortgage fraud against Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. More