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Online Media Overload: Can Too Much Screen Time Harm Your Kid’s Future Success?

There’s a lot we don’t know about how technology use among kids impacts future career and academic success, but here’s what we do know.

‘Can I Have That?’: 5 Steps to Curbing Kids’ Impulse Buying

Learn how to set boundaries with your child when it comes to spending, so that he develops a healthy relationship with money. More

Your Kids’ School: How Involved Do You Need to Be?

From PTA meetings to bake sales, there are plenty of opportunities to get involved in your child’s school. But do you need to? More

Your Awesomely Easy, Budget-Friendly Sleepover Guide

We’ve got answers to your biggest slumber party questions, as well as ideas for keeping things fun, affordable and group friendly. More

Mom Etiquette: Your Kid Broke Someone Else’s Stuff, Now What?

It can be awkward when your kid breaks something that belongs to another family, but by being thoughtful and gracious, you’ll be able to not only navigate them like a pro, but also model appropriate behavior for your child. More

What’s a ‘Mom Moocher?’ And Are You One?

While it’s great for our kids to have friends around, sometimes it’s hard not to wonder—are we being taken advantage of when they’re around all the time? Here’s how to handle a potential ‘mom mooch’. More

Cell Phone for Kids: How Young Is Too Young? And Should They Pay?

Kids love cell phones, but before adding another expense to your budget, think about whether your kid is mature enough to own one, and how to handle the costs of one. More

The Mom Reciprocity Code: What It Is, and How to Follow It

When friends offer to make our mom lives a bit easier, their generosity makes us wonder—should we match? These three rules can help you figure it out. More

How Much Should You Spend on Gifts for Kids?

Birthday gift budgeting is hard. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to take a look at how much you should spend on other people’s kids … and your own More

Party Etiquette: The Dos and Don’ts of Kid Birthday Parties

There are plenty of money issues that arise regarding kids’ birthday parties. Here, Emily Post’s great-great-granddaughter answers all your etiquette questions. More