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5 Tips to Save More Than $100 in Holiday Baggage Fees

Traveling for the holidays? Watch out for luggage fees! Gawk at our chart and follow our tips to minimizing the money you’ll have to shell out at the airport. More

Afford Holiday Gifts for Everyone on Your List With This Simple Trick

You need to buy holiday gifts for everyone on your list—but don’t want to be stuck paying off the bill long after the snow has melted. More

Decorate A Room With 8 Fun Fall Craft Ideas On The Cheap

One of our favorite ways to relax when the days get cooler is to get the creative juices flowing, so we spoke to our guru for some fun, inexpensive crafts. More

Teamwork Alert! Advice For Saving Money With Your Partner

You and your partner share everything – interests, a sense of humor, that last slice of pizza. So, why not share saving, too? Whether you’re living together, engaged, or have been married for years, saving money for a common goal encourages … Continue reading

7 Local Summer Adventures

We’re looking forward to fun outdoor summer activities with our friends; because, although we like relaxing on the beach, sometimes we want to do something. Though we’d love to go backpacking through Patagonia or kayaking in Norway, we can’t spend … Continue reading

Snag A Summer Share House (Before It’s Too Late!)

If you haven’t already started to plan your summer getaways, you’re behind the game. Even though you can’t run off to Greece for the weekend every time you feel the need to get out of town, scaping the smoggy city … Continue reading

Five Tips for Making the Best Last-Minute Reservations

In case you’re still in the planning stages, here’s our final guide to the best (and worst) places to go this summer, plus LearnVest’s right ways to travel. More

The Top 7 Easy Ways To Make Over Your Home (Slide Show!)

There’s no reason to pay expensive store prices for items you can easily make yourself at home (and have fun doing so). Our homes are an expression of our individuality, and there’s no better way to make them look exactly … Continue reading

Get Money Back AFTER You Buy Your Plane Ticket

Don’t kick yourself for buying a plane ticket that dropped in price—get that money back by taking advantage of little-known “guaranteed airfare” policies. More

Hotel Alternatives for the Savvy Traveler

You desperately need a vacation, but you don’t feel like a decent hotel is within your budget. Use others’ extra space with online peer-to-peer networking. More