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Why Your Mom Is Bad for Your Money

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Does Grounding Really Work?

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Money Mic: My Money Shame, or Why Broke Is the New Single

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The Right Way to Tell Your Kid She Can’t Have Something

What’s a mom to say when her kid starts begging for all new things? This 4-step process to put the whole “that’s not fair!” conversation behind us. More

Why I Think Weddings Are Totally Stupid

A wedding only lasts one day but can cost a fortune. Why overspend on your wedding, especially when you don’t know what financial woes are coming your way? More

New Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Is Pregnant: Should You Hate Her?

The new CEO of Yahoo Marissa Mayer made news by announcing she is pregnant … and will only take a few weeks’ maternity leave. Does this hurt other women? More

Lessons in Spending From My Childhood

Every time this mom deals with a money situation with her kids, she’s transported back to her childhood. Here’s how she’s doing things a little differently. More