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Money Mic: Why I Went on a Cash-Only Diet

Amanda opted for an all-cash diet to combat overspending in the new year. Find out how she’s doing three months later. More

Why I’m Getting a Prenup—and You Should Too

She’s madly in love—and earns an average income—but Amanda is adamant about the fact that she’s getting a prenup. Here’s why. More

How I Do Paris on the Cheap

Up until I spent six weeks in France, I had never traveled anywhere by myself. This is how I made it work. More

Why I Walked Out on My Job — And Don’t Regret It

Feeling burned out at a job she hated, one woman left it behind with $600 in savings and no backup plan. More

How I Went Bankrupt at 23

By the time I graduated from college, I was somewhere between $20,000 and $25,000 in debt, thanks to my complete and utter lack of responsibility. More