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The Basics of Refinancing Your Mortgage

Refinancing could drop your mortgage bills drastically–or cost you a bundle. Find out whether refinancing makes sense for you. More

LearnVest Translates “Real Estate Speak”

If you’ve ever looked at an apartment, you’ve learned that “cozy” might actually mean “really, really small.” To understand “real estate speak,” read this. More

Mortgage Modification—And Why You Should Care

Looking to cut your mortgage payments by 25%, 30%, or even 40%? Learn more about mortgage modifications through the Making Home Affordable Program. More

How to Deal With Noise

In a big city like New York, do you know what the biggest complaint is? Noise. Here’s what to think about when looking for peace and quiet in your home. More

Down Payments: What You Need to Know

Your down payment could be the biggest check you write in your life. Read this to make sure you don’t give that check away by mistake. More

Sellers: Don’t Miss Spring!

Clean out the closets, put out some flowers, and put out the “For Sale” sign—spring is the time to sell your home. Plus: tips on how to get it ready. More

Should You Use a Buyer’s Agent?

Do you need to hire an agent to help you find your perfect home? Consider these factors. More

5 Questions to Ask a Potential Roommate

There are a few questions you might want to ask, whether you’re doing a year-long share or just summer weekends. More

How to Get Taylor Swift’s Country Princess Style

It looks like Taylor Swift has bought herself a brand new, $3+ million house in L.A. But it’s still got that country look. Check it out her stylish new digs. More

Closing: What It Is, and How to Pull It Off Without a Hitch

You’ve found a perfect place and have got the financing. But it’s not over yet. Watch out for these pitfalls during the closing on your home. More