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Skip The Salon: Find A Makeup Artist At Your Local Department Store

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The 7 Business Meal Etiquette Mistakes You’re Probably Making

While sharing a meal with someone in the same business can help you advance in your job or make new connections, doing the wrong things at the table can have the opposite effect. More

4 Ways To Do Yoga For Under $10

Yoga is a great way to relax while staying fit (and a lot less boring than the elliptical). But, affording yoga class can be part of the problem when you’re trying to stay Zen. So, if you’re eager to do … Continue reading

Are H&M and Forever 21 Cost-Effective?

Is it worth buying cheaper clothing, if it won’t last as long? That depends on how long it will last, and how expensive the alternative is. More

The Right Way to Buy Marc Jacobs

Buying an expensive handbag isn’t as much of a splurge if you plan to use it for many seasons to come. So, make your expensive bag last through the seasons. More

What to Look for in an Accountant

Although hiring an accountant is more expensive than using a computer program to do your taxes, having a person work for you translates to one-on-one care. More

Top 11 Ways to Save Big at the Airport

Airports are notorious for overcharging customers for everything. Don’t be that traveler. Here’s how to save before you head out of town. More

What to Do When You Make More Than Your Partner (And Vice Versa)

When one partner makes significantly more than the other, there are plenty of chances for complication. Learn how to deal with our tips. More

Celebrity Beauty Products From the Drug Store (For Under $8)

We love drugstore beauty products, and apparently, celebrities do too! Here are some of their favorites. More

10 Ways to Take a Vacation for Less Than $300

Just because you’re eager to get away doesn’t mean you’ll need to spend a fortune; sometimes a scenic hike is all you need to unwind. Check out these 10 ideas. More