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Pensions May Be the Key to a Happy Retirement

What’s the secret to a happy retirement? New findings identify pension-receiving retirees as the happiest group of people. More

2 in 5 American Households Live Paycheck to Paycheck

What happened to saving? A new survey finds that two in five Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, with no savings to fall back on More

How Attainable Is the American Dream, Really?

Is the American Dream accessible for everyone? A new study shows that 84% of people out-earn their parents, but it’s still difficult to move between classes. More

Tech Companies Institute Unlimited Vacation Days

Some tech companies are initiating new, unlimited vacation programs for employees. What does this mean for productivity and work-life balance? More

Looking for a Raise? The Cards May Be Stacked Against Women

Conventional wisdom says women earn less because they negotiate less. But a new study shows the odds are stacked against women before negotiations even begin. More

Could Your Credit Score Be Wrong?

New figures show that the average credit score in America has stayed the same despite the recession, but experts are skeptical. Could your score be wrong? More

The Science of Spending: What Really Makes Us Happy?

New research shows doubling your money only boosts happiness by 9%. Find out how you can actually live a happier life when it comes to handling your money. More

You Can Help Shape the Future of Mortgages

What if you could help simplify the process of buying a home? Now, you can. Find out how you have the ability to influence the new face of mortgage disclosures. More

Would You Buy Your Wedding Cake at a Supermarket?

More than ever, couples are seeking cheap wedding cake options or bypassing cake altogether. Is a custom cake really a wedding must-have? More

Stock Market Reacts to Health Care Ruling

The stock market reacted to news of the Supreme Court’s ruling on “Obamacare” Thursday morning. Find out which companies benefited and which lost. More