Success Stories

"Learnvest has made a huge difference in my financial life. As a college student a few years ago, I was completely ignorant to finances and the financial world at large and ended up making some very detrimental mistakes that put me in over my head (financially)...Since then, I've learned to try to turn my situation around but always got caught in little traps with my credit. When Learnvest came along with that first bootcamp I was so excited and was completely committed to cleaning up my finances and increasing my financial knowledge. Since completing the first bootcamp, I have increased my credit score, paid off most of my credit cards, and made a huge dent in my student loans. For the first time in my life, I have disposable income and I did it all by myself before I got married this past March! This is all thanks to LearnVest!!!"
- Kerry B., 30, Chicago, IL
"Too bad we never had anything quite like Learnvest when I was in college or a young mother. The bootcamps and articles are fantastic, there are lots of great links, and I liked the webinar on investing so much I made my husband sit down and watch it with me again."
- Anne P., 48, Hammonton, NJ
“I love that LearnVest is a hub where I can not only keep track of my money, but I can also learn more about how to stay on top of my long term financial well being.” - Eleanor B.
“It was great to see the money laid out so I could folder items into different categories for my budget. The best part of it is knowing that I can save more money than I actually thought.” - Tope Y.
“LearnVest makes the world of financing approachable and not intimidating, with really practical advice. My worst guilty pleasure is my name brand latte. There HAS to be a perk in life somewhere, and coffee is mine. I made a folder for my coffee habit so I have a visual reminder of what I’m spending on this simple pleasure.” - Lyn P.
“I LOVE YOU LearnVest! I love the little articles at the bottom of each LearnVest Daily! I can keep reading for hours! I love it! Everything is presented in a FUN and quick read which is GREAT for my busy schedule! Thanks! ” - Ashley B., 22, Pensacola, FL
“I don’t have a set amount that is automatically transferred to savings each month, so I created a folder for these transfers. That way I can drag the items for my manual transfers into my savings folder to see a monthly total on how much I am putting away each month.” - Leanne T.
"I absolutely LOVE what LearnVest is doing as a company. This is a phenomenal tool that I am now addicted to and have been spreading the word to people about. I am so excited to get my finances under control and it will be because of the tools you have given me to grow and be financially independent." - Alaina R., 24, Seattle, WA
For example, I'm considering changing banks for one with a higher interest rate on its savings accounts and longer branch opening hours. One thing holding me back has been the higher charges for transferring money home to pay off my student loans. Before subscribing to LearnVest I would have thought that number was set in stone but with my extra financial savvy after exploring the site for several months, I decided to ask if they could match the lower charges of my old bank--and they said yes! - Caitlin M., 27, UK
"You've saved me—perhaps my future and retirement, too. I'm so thankful and excited to begin the Get out of Debt bootcamp and turn my nightmares around. Thanks for being a part of something so positive and empowering." - Joy B., Charlotte, NC
“I love the "Financial Confessions" articles; they allow me to forgive myself for past mistakes I've made, by seeing that I am not the only one who was clueless about money management! This enables me to move forward with my financial goals in confidence. Plus, Learnvest does all the hard work for you- it's a one-stop shop for tips on saving on everything from energy bills, to home decor, and even the best way to buy designer brands with a discount price tag- a priceless tool for today's modern woman!” - Kristin S., 27, Houston, TX
"I am loving your website. It has all the advice I ever need. The best are the articles that deal with money and relationships. I also enjoy the much needed easily understood tax information and the food for a month series. This is exactly what I have been looking for."
- Nicole G., 29, Minneapolis, MN
"If you aren’t using @LearnVest, you are missing out on by far the best customer service I’ve ever delt with. Thank you Becky and team!"
- @AnnaIntheCity
“Through Bootcamp, I learned that my daily coffee habit is costing me quite a bit–over $15 a week! And a lot of my purchases are impulse ones that I now see I could avoid if I took the time to really think if I actually need the item at hand.”
- Molly, Washington D.C., age 21
“I love bootcamp!!! It’s extremely easy to relate to and it’s broken down in a very accessible way. My favorite part is the fact that they give you “Action Times” for each step–so you really can’t rationalize a reason not to do it–since it usually takes 2 minutes!”
- Merrin K., Columbus OH, age 29
“Thanks to my LearnVest Bootcamp experience, I will be richer and happier after tax season than I was last year, or any other year! Thank you for all of your help! LearnVest could not have come at a better time for me!”
- Sarah J., NYC, age 26
“I am so glad I joined your tremendous program and have been looking for something along these lines for awhile. Thank you! Thank you!”
- Kim C.
“Thank you for this wonderful site. I look forward to learning something new every day because of it.”
- Jessie
“Biggest ‘ah ha!’ [from your bootcamp] is that I was being my own barrier to my own income and success. I allowed myself to go so far down the rabbit hole and get so caught up in my less than OK part time job, that I attracted one big financial mess!! I decided to take a quick look at my hometown newspaper (I have not found a single job that I can "see" myself at for months...) and there it was, a job opening for a social media marketing position for the newspaper. It is a new position being created, in the place that I want to be, surrounded by my family, and using my education and skills in marketing! WOW! I am perfecting my resume and will be applying today. I attribute this greatly to the LearnVest program and bootcamp for helping me to see my present reality in black in white.”
- Meghan, 23, Boston
“LearnVest has been amazing. I’ve learned so much and have gotten excited and focused on reaching my future financial goals.”
- Janelle R., 31, New York
“Have I mentioned my love for @learnvest lately? Because if you’re a young woman and not using this tool, that needs to change.”
“Hi Learnvest! You are one of the best things that has ever happened to my personal finance!”
- Kelly Q., Boston, MA
"Stumbling onto was probably the best random click I've made in years. As a writer with erratic income, extravagant clothing tastes and a whole lot of debt I'd been studiously trying to ignore--not to mention two children and a household to run-- I desperately needed help facing financial realities. Learnvest's stylish and woman-friendly, non-judgemental and highly accessible site and tools eased me into the process practically painlessly. Hard as it is to believe, I find that they are helping to make tracking spending my habits, budgeting and saving almost as much fun as spending money itself!"
- Jenn E.
"LearnVest has been a great tool to help me get started with investing. Even after taking a personal finance course in college, I was confused and nervous about what to do with my savings. LearnVest has given me the knowledge and confidence to open an IRA, set attainable goals, and ask the right questions to the right people. Thanks for making such clear and informative resources!" - Lauren C., 23, Menlo Park, CA
"I LOVE the service and have been using it almost every day. This is the first time in my life I've ever been able to make and stick to a budget more complicated than "rent/bills" and "other stuff." The user interface is gorgeous and very intuitive, making me WANT to stick with the work of budgeting. You've really created something great."
- Kerstin L., 29, Blair, NE
“I love the new account center and budgeting tool! It is much more convenient to see all of my accounts in one place. I've created my own spreadsheets and the like for the past couple years, but always fall behind because of the time it takes to import the necessary information manually. I recently graduated with a BBA in Finance and enjoy the simplicity and ease of use of your site. It's great for both beginners and the serious budgeter. I've recommended it to a number of my friends and acquaintances.”
- Angela D., 24, Rockford, MI