Get Involved

Through LearnVest Labs, the LearnVest Team has the opportunity to talk to thousands of users and get a sense of what key financial concerns they want help tackling. Using surveys, one-on-one focus groups, and online feedback sessions, we are able to address our users’ specific challenges and concerns and incorporate that into our product development cycle. The result? Tools that help you get organized and in control of your personal finances once and for all.

LV Lab member benefits include:

  • Insider access to the latest LearnVest releases and updates
  • The opportunity to fill out 2-3 research surveys per year and earn a $10 Amazon gift card per survey and a chance to win a free iPad
  • Get the latest scoop on exclusive LearnVest giveaways
  • The opportunity to shape the future of personal finance education

If you’re interested in LearnVest Labs, sign up here.

Ambassador Program

The LearnVest Ambassador Program provides college women with an exciting opportunity to work closely with the LearnVest team, acquire invaluable personal financial knowledge and career skills, and educate and empower their peers. Ambassadors act as the face of LearnVest and spread awareness about the LearnVest brand across college campuses, reaching a demographic that is expected to be increasingly financially independent, yet lacks critical personal finance education. Our Ambassadors provide valuable feedback about LearnVest’s newest products and features, and work collaboratively with fellow Ambassadors and with the LearnVest team to plan events and outreach programs on their campuses. Ambassadors are selected for their demonstration of leadership, campus involvement, academic achievement, and passion for financial literacy.

For more information about the LearnVest College Ambassador Program, contact Annie Shapiro, at

You can also download the LearnVest Ambassador Application here.