You Can Now Text for Free When You Fly This Airline

You Can Now Text for Free When You Fly This Airline

When I flew to visit my sister in London a couple of years ago I realized I had forgotten something pretty major as I filled out my arrival card: I never got her address.

With no way to contact her (I couldn't even connect to the airport Wi-Fi when we landed), I hoped for the best as I entered the customs line with no answer to the question of where I'd be staying.

So I was extra excited to learn Delta is now offering free in-flight messaging for passengers on nearly all of its 1,300 planes worldwide (130 of its smaller, 50-seat regional jets will not have the feature).

Now when you need to get that address, update your ride with arrival time changes or just keep up with that never-ending group chat, you can open a connection through Delta's in-flight internet provider, Gogo, and access Apple iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp.

You are limited to strictly text use, so sorry meme lovers, but the photo and video files will have to wait until you land. Unless you want to purchase full-featured Wi-Fi, of course, which Delta says will be faster and enable streaming services like Hulu and YouTube.

Strong move, Delta, which is already ranked as one of this year's best airlines. Now about that legroom in coach ...

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