Why Your Side Gig May Be About to Get Even Better

Why Your Side Gig May Be About to Get Even Better

Side hustlers are in demand, and companies are willing to pay to attract — and keep — them.

Services that rely on part-time employees (think Uber, Instacart, DoorDash and Postmates) are offering more perks, benefits and bonuses in an effort to retain their workers in an improving jobs market, reported The Wall Street Journal.

This compensation comes in many forms, from $50 to $500 signing bonuses for Postmates' employees to discounted cell-phone plans for Instacart workers.

Lyft gives tiered perks, which reward more rides with greater tax, health and car maintenance services, while Uber is developing a program to take their drivers from part-time to full-time roles in the company.

So whether you're already one of the 44 million people who supplement their income, or you're looking to join the ranks, be sure you're taking full advantage of these extra perks. And if your side gig doesn't offer them, maybe it's time you explore other options. Signing bonus, anyone?

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