These Are the Unusual Things People Buy at Walmart, By State

These Are the Unusual Things People Buy at Walmart, By State

Toilet paper, check. Potato chips, check. Laundry detergent, got that. Traffic safety cones ... check?

If you live in Tennessee, your shopping list might actually include an orange cone or two, according to data from Walmart. The big box retailer recently reported its online shopping stats to Business Insider, revealing the weird and wonderful things we're all buying, by state.

Nationwide, things like mulch, microwaves and pillows are popular across the board. But Walmart also compiled some of the more surprising top-sellers by state, and the results are, um, interesting:

  • New Yorkers and Floridians must be into high-tech homes because they buy a lot of connected-home devices.
  • Minnesotans love either tailgating or just sitting lakeside, judging by their purchases of folding chairs.
  • Indiana residents are clean freaks: They love their hand sanitizer.
  • The rest of the West seems to love random (and very specific) food products: Washington state loves its Starbursts, Oregonians consume a lot of Chex Mix, Idahoans drinks tons of Gatorade, and Nevada eats up canned pumpkin.

What's missing from the data is why these particular items are so popular (is traffic safety really a big concern in Tennessee?) but part of me wonders if shoppers may be succumbing to the "it's on sale so better pounce now!" mentality. Or perhaps it's just too easy to impulse-buy when you're browsing online (because really, Arizona, how many toasters does one need?).

If you add to cart just a little too easily, it might be time to do an online shopping cleanse, like this woman did — and ended up saving more than $100 after just one week of going cold turkey. If you're more impulsive in-store, then you might consider trying these strategies for shopping the supermarket smarter. 

But if you really just need a traffic cone or golf balls or Jello-O, then by all means — buy away.

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