How to See a Movie a Day for Less Than the Cost of 1 Ticket

How to See a Movie a Day for Less Than the Cost of 1 Ticket

Hold on to your popcorn buckets, because this is going to shock you more than a trailer for "It": You can now go to the movies once a day, every day, for less than $10 a month.

Yes, you read that right. MoviePass, the subscription-based movie-theater service, just knocked down its monthly fee from $50 to $9.95 — that's less than the cost of just one movie ticket in many cities.

With your subscription, you can literally go the movies Every. Single. Day. You just have to make sure 24 hours elapses between theater visits, and — sorry 3D or Imax lovers — only 2D movies are eligible.

So how is this possible? After signing up on their site, you receive a MoviePass debit card. From there, you choose your movie from a list of theaters and showtimes in your area (MoviePass reports that it's accepted at over 91% of theaters nationwide), and then use your card to get your ticket at the theater. MoviePass pays the theater the full price of each ticket, while you pay just a fraction. (Hello, extra-large Sprite!)

And even if you're like me and only go to the movies now and then, this can still deliver serious savings. The average movie ticket cost $8.65 last year, but in cities like San Francisco and New York it was almost double, at $14.19 and $15.19 respectively, reported MarketWatch.

Of course, not everyone is thrilled with the news. AMC Theatres threatened legal action against MoviePass just hours after its announcement. But for now, AMC is still among the participating theaters and the price drop remains — and is set to remain for at least the next 12 months.

So settle in, because you've got a lot of movies to watch.

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