Every New Mom Will Want This Amazing Work Perk

Every New Mom Will Want This Amazing Work Perk

If any new or expecting mom could have one wish, after a thermos full of wine, it would be this: a personal assistant.

Someone to pick up groceries, plan that gender reveal party your whole family has RSVP'd yes to and fill the car with gas.

For moms who work at Fifth Third Bank, that dream has come true.

This amazing perk (and at a financial institution no less!) lets new and expecting moms pass off some of their to-dos to a concierge, so they can focus on their work while they're in the office, and their family when they go home.

The goal: to keep women on the leadership track, rather than being forced to slow their trajectory, as many working moms do.

"If you look at executive management it's not near what I want it to be," Teresa Tanner, Fifth Third Bank's chief administrative officer told Fast Company. "This pipeline is getting clogged, and a lot of it is because women are self selecting out."

And while you may think (and some of us here at LearnVest joked), "Isn't that what husbands are for?", the sad reality is that working moms are still responsible for most of the household duties. And this often translates to fewer career advancements for women, as this Pew Research Center study found. (Not to mention, less sleep.)

The company currently has two full-time concierges who work on-site at their Cincinnati, Ohio, headquarters, while part-time concierges service their other locations, serving about 200 women in total. Moms: bring this up at your next employee benefits meeting.

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