Here's What These Top Employers Have in Common — and It's Not About the Pay

Here's What These Top Employers Have in Common — and It's Not About the Pay

Indeed recently released its Best Places to Work list, and while you may have guessed who some of the front runners are (looking at you, Facebook and Google), you may be surprised by the common denominators the top companies share — and why their employees love them so much.

No, it's not just about the size of the paychecks. What really sets these employers apart is the importance they place on strong company culture and clear values. Employees describe those at the top of this leaderboard as inspiring, engaging and mission-driven.

To rank the companies, Indeed consulted their database of 15 million employee reviews, looking specifically at companies also featured on this year's Fortune 500 list. Here's a look at the top five — and why they're so great, straight from the mouths of people who work there.

1. Salesforce

It's not hard to see why the San Francisco–based cloud-computing company nabbed the top spot for the second year in a row — who wouldn't want to have a "Chief Love Officer," aka, their CEO's golden retriever? As one employee wrote, "The CEO [Marc Benioff] is inspiring and supports causes that I care about, such as equal rights and pay."

2. Southwest Airlines

With all the bad press surrounding airlines lately, you may be surprised that aviation companies nabbed two of the top five spots. But Southwest employees find the workplace culture "invigorating and uplifting" — perhaps that's why so many of them sing for their customers.

3. JetBlue Airways

"Working there is more than just a job," wrote one employee. "With its wide impact on the community through volunteerism, JetBlue creates an environment where front line crew members can have a meaningful impact on things that shape the direction of the company and the community."

4. Facebook

Often touted for its employee perks, the most surprising thing about this company making the list may be that it's only at No. 4. As one employee said in a review: "They give you opportunities to become a better version of yourself, which gives them the return of a happy, more proficient employee."

5. Google

Google employees also praise the company's efforts to ensure they're happy, even amid a fast-paced and challenging environment. "They do their best to ensure that their employees at all levels, from CEO to interns, have the best experience while working with them. They care about our work-life balance," wrote one employee.

To see the other 45 companies that made the grade, check out the full list.

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