Monthly Archives: June 2017

Why Some Credit Scores May Magically Improve

Starting July 1, certain public records will no longer be taken into account when calculating credit scores. More

New Grads: Don’t Make These Awkward First-Job Mistakes

You might have no idea what’s happening, but you can look like you do. More

News Flash: Millennials Dine Out a Bunch, but Here’s Why That’s OK

Millennials may be avoiding home-cooked meals more than older generations, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their finances are in trouble. More

The Guilt-Free Guide to Not Working While on Vacation

What to do before, during and after a getaway to make sure work stress doesn’t interfere. More

Want Student Loan Forgiveness? Do This ASAP

The public service loan forgiveness program remains on the rocks, but these tips can help.

More Millennials Are Visiting Public Libraries Than Any Other Generation

They’re not just into avocado toast — new data shows millennials like their public libraries, too. More

Study Shows Older Dads Have ‘Geekier’ Sons

New research suggests boys of older fathers might have more career success. More

Most Americans Go Into Debt to Pay for Vacations — But You Don’t Have To

The latest LearnVest survey reveals debt and travel go hand in hand, but you can vacation without busting your budget. Here’s how. More

Stressed About Money? Your Job Wants to Help

Employers are starting to provide financial stability beyond the everyday 401(k). More

Millennials: Here’s Why You Need to Pay Attention to Your Credit

Only a little over half of young people say their credit health is important to them. Here’s why you should care.