Stressed About Money? Your Job Wants to Help

Stressed About Money? Your Job Wants to Help

Everyone loves pay day, when our bank accounts swell and all our toiling feels worth it. But what happens after, when it's time to grow those hard-earned funds?

Now more than ever, companies are helping employees learn how to manage their finances.

According to a recent survey from Aon Hewitt and reported by The Wall Street Journal, 59% of employers say they're very likely to focus on improving the financial well being of their workers this year. That's nearly double the share of companies who said the same in 2014.

We're talking money wellness beyond your company 401(k), too, as in financial literacy courses, competitions and coaching depending on the ages and needs of employees. That could mean Boomers learning how to make money last in retirement, Gen-Xers balancing financial commitments toward aging parents and growing children, and student-debt payoff tips for millennials.

Just like jobs provide health care coverage, it makes sense that your bosses would want to make sure you're doing well in the money department. After all, if you're stressing over your finances (which 65% of us reportedly do to the point of losing sleep), you're not on your A-game to perform well for the company.

Lower productivity isn't the only concern; the American Psychological Association also links high financial stress levels with increased risk for ulcers, migraines, heart attacks and sleep disturbances.

Bottom line is, stressed employees are bad for the bottom line.

So if you've heard your company recently getting onboard with these financial wellness perks, it would serve you (and your wallet ... and your boss) well to sign up; likewise, it's another benefit to ask about if you're interviewing with a new employer.

It just might be the work perk that pays off the most (sorry, Summer Fridays).

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