These Are the Best States for Working Dads

These Are the Best States for Working Dads

As any working parent will tell you, juggling kids and career can feel like, well, a circus. But for dads living in Connecticut, that balancing act may be feeling a little more stable.

That's because the state ranked No. 1 in WalletHub's 2017 Best & Worst States for Working Dads survey, which took into account economic and social well-being, work-life balance, child care and health. Seven of these top 10 also fell into the best states for working moms, with Minnesota hanging onto second place for both genders.

Best States for Working Dads

1. Connecticut
2. Minnesota
3. Vermont
4. Massachusetts
5. New Jersey
6. Rhode Island
7. Delaware
8. Wisconsin
9. District of Columbia
10. New Hampshire

Worst States for Working Dads

51. Mississippi
50. Nevada
49. West Virginia
48. New Mexico
47. Louisiana
46. Alabama
45. Idaho
44. Arkansas
43. Georgia
42. Arizona

So what was taken into account to determine these rankings? Everything from median family income and the unemployment rate for dads with kids aged 0 to 17 to parental leave policy and child care quality and cost, plus men's life expectancy, mental health, colorectal and prostate cancer cases, and the share of men in good or better health.

Minnesota took the top spot for highest men's life expectancy, while Mississippi was in last place. The District of Columbia had the highest median family income, adjusted for cost of living, and Hawaii had the lowest. And there was a six-way tie for the lowest unemployment rate for dads with young kids between Iowa, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Kansas and Louisiana.

To find out where your state landed, check out the full report.

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