Aldi, Budget Grocer of Your Dreams, Is Opening 900 New Stores

Aldi, Budget Grocer of Your Dreams, Is Opening 900 New Stores

I'll admit it: The produce section at Aldi was a major reason I ate my fruits and veggies while living on a strapped budget in college.

Now other budget shoppers looking to avoid vitamin deficiency are in luck, too: The purveyor of cheap, cheerful groceries (plus amazing $8 rosé), just announced plans to open 900 new stores in the U.S. over the next five years.

The German grocer already has 1,600 stores in 35 states, and this $3.4 billion expansion will give it 2,500 stores nationwide. These ambitious plans will make Aldi the third-largest supermarket chain in the U.S. behind Walmart and Kroger. (Costco who?)

These days, I have to trek 20 minutes by bus for Aldi's low-priced offerings, but the savings are worth it. It's set up like a warehouse (no fancy aisle upsells here) with a bring-your-own-bag policy that helps keep overhead low. The chain has also upped its selection of organic, gluten-free and brand-name products in recent years.

"We are giving our customers what they want, which is more organic produce, antibiotic-free meats and fresh healthier options across the store, all at unmatched prices up to 50% lower than traditional grocery stores," said CEO Jason Hart in a statement.

And if what you want is also a disc golf set or inflatable flamingo for your next pool party, Aldi's got you covered.

This news isn't the only scoop rocking the supermarket world. Lidl — another German grocer and Aldi competitor — will unveil its first 10 U.S. stores in Virginia and the Carolinas this week. The company plans to open 100 stateside locations by summer of 2018 and says it will offer prices up to 50% lower than rivals.

So whether you're a fan of these European grocers, a warehouse club member, a Whole Foods die-hard or anywhere in between, there's one definitive takeaway from this kind of news: More pricing competition in the grocery market will mean more food savings for your wallet.

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