Zillow's New Website Makes It Easier to Find a Home in Your Budget

Zillow's New Website Makes It Easier to Find a Home in Your Budget

Listen up, millennials! Worried you'll never be able to get out of the rental game (or your parents' basement) and buy a house of your own? Well, Zillow just made it way easier to figure out if you can actually afford that two-bedroom Craftsman you've been dreaming about (and slowly driving past on your way to work).

The company's new site RealEstate.com, which caters to first-time homebuyers, breaks down properties by their monthly payment so you can more easily see what fits into your budget, just like you would with your rental property. Seriously, where has this been all our lives?!

And unlike standard mortgage calculators, Zillow's feature factors in all the costs associated with buying a house, from closing costs to insurance to homeowners' association fees, so you won't be hit with a bunch of surprise fees after you find your perfect place.

Millennials are notoriously delaying taking the plunge into homeownership, thanks in part to higher prices caused by low inventory and, of course, massive student loan payments that make it hard to take on more debt.

But this generation also makes up 42% of all home buyers today, according to a recent Zillow survey, and 56% of first-time home buyers.

To make this often overwhelming process easier, RealEstate.com also offers a guide dedicated to first-time buyers that covers everything from knowing if you're ready to take the plunge to shopping with a pre-approved mortgage, so you can have an active role in what will likely be the biggest purchase of your life (no pressure!). The alternative would be smiling and nodding at your real estate agent while having no clue what he's talking about — probably not your best bet.

Besides the numbers, the site also features images and stats for each property, which can be filtered via location, bed/bath count and type of property.

Finally, home buying made simple!

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