Your College Major Could Predict When You'll Get Married

Your College Major Could Predict When You'll Get Married

If you're single, here's another way to answer all those annoying questions about why you haven't settled down yet: "It's because of what I studied in college."

So says a new study from career site Zippia, which found a strong correlation between your likelihood of tying the knot by age 30 with what you majored in during college. The study analyzed Census data to zero in on the share of married individuals who had a college degree at 30 years old, where there were at least 10 occurrences of the major for both men and women.

Far and away, teachers were the most likely to be lucky in the school of love. That might be why one of my childhood best friends, who's now a second-grade teacher, got married last summer, is having her first baby this summer and also recently bought her first house (adulting goals!).

Here are some of the other professions on the list.

The Top 10 Majors Most Likely to Be Married by 30

1. Teachers (at multiple levels) — 80% married
2. Animal Sciences — 79% married
3. Microbiology — 79% married
4. Elementary Education — 75% married
5. Mathematics Teacher — 72% married
6. Medical Technologies Technicians — 72% married
7. Theology and Religious Vocations — 71% married
8. Plant Science and Agronomy — 70% married
9. Physical and Health Education Teacher — 70% married
10. Family and Consumer Sciences — 70% married

Meanwhile, I'm still on that same friend's shared Netflix account and can't commit to joining my long-term boyfriend's instead — or getting my own, really. (I know, I can feel your judgment from here.) My commitment-phobia might be justified by my major, though, since those who studied mass communications (journalism major here!) had the lowest likelihood for both men and women to be married by 30, at just 41% — cue the spinster jokes.

But the number-one major least likely to be married? Those who studied geography, who might be too busy looking at maps to be out looking for love.

The Top 10 Majors Least Likely to Be Married by 30

1. Geography — 32% married
2. General Social Sciences — 36% married
3. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration — 41% married
4. International Relations — 41% married
5. Mass Media — 41% married
6. Drama and Theater Arts — 42% married
7. Geology and Earth Science — 44% married
8. Music — 45% married
9. Communication Technologies — 46% married
10. Philosophy and Religious Studies — 47% married

The analysts note that among the groups most likely to get married younger, a lot of the majors center around the traditional notion of family and religious values, whereas those least likely to be married lean more toward the arts and sciences.

And as previous research has pointed out, people are more likely to marry someone who studied the same thing as them in college, which may indicate why teachers or animal scientists or microbiologists — who may value getting married earlier — find each other all the easier. As for us geographers, communications pros, pharmacists, musicians and actors — we'll just cling onto our singlehood a little big longer.

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