Trader Joe’s New $4 Pack of Canned Wine is Secretly Wonderful

Trader Joe’s New $4 Pack of Canned Wine is Secretly Wonderful

A longtime go-to for affordable vinos, Trader Joe’s is out with a new wine line that’s price tag has us doing a double take. Simpler Wines rings in at $3.99 for a pack of four 6.3-ounce cans of vino frizzante (i.e. a sparkling wine that’s a little less effervescent than Prosecco) in either white or rosé.

We were a little skeptical when we paid a visit to our local TJ’s to check out the $1-per-serving wine, but relieved when we learned they partnered with an “Italian supplier” to produce it. And, since we’re generally of the mind that there are few pour decisions (sorry, we had to) when it comes to budget bubbly, we just had to try it for ourselves.

Sadly, we were unable to stop and smell the rosé – that variety was out of stock at our local shop (return date TBD; the staff attests to its intense popularity). But LearnVest’s resident oenophiles were eager to sample the white during lunch. (“Wine not?” we asked ourselves. “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”)

Here’s what they had to say:

“It’s crisp, but not too sweet. And it doesn’t leave that cheap-wine feeling in your mouth.” – Jennifer Liu, Assistant Editor

“Very mixable. Would be great in a mimosa, bellini or wine slushy.”
– Christine Aebischer, Editorial Assistant

“The design is just so Instagrammable! It would look perfect on that bar cart we all think we need to own now.”
– Ashley Curran, Product Manager

Listen, it’s no Dom Perignon. But at $1 a pop, we agreed it just had to be not terrible. And it more than passed that test. Plus, it’s a whole $2 cheaper than Andre, the bargain bubbly you may (or may not) remember slinging back by the Solo cup in college.

Another perk: The easy-to-open cans mean no accoutrement required. And they provide a simple solution to the no-glass rule adhered to by so many beaches, parks and outdoor concert venues — which makes it that much easier to step away from the overpriced concession stands that threaten to bust our budgets all summer long. In conclusion, this is what we’re bringing to our next barbecue.

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