These Are the Highest Paying Internships — and the Numbers Will Shock You

These Are the Highest Paying Internships — and the Numbers Will Shock You

I thought I had landed a pretty sweet deal when, after several rounds of interviews, I found out that I had scored the internship of my dreams. The icing on the cake? They were actually going to pay me.

The $7.25 an hour was a serious step up from my first internship, which was exactly $0 an hour. Even though I'd be putting all my pay — and then some — into commuting from central New Jersey to Manhattan five days a week, that did nothing to deter my excitement.

Of course, I knew other internships (that is, those not in the journalism field) paid better, but I had no idea how much better — until this recent Glassdoor study on the country's highest-paying internships came out. Topping its list is Facebook, where the median income for an intern is $8,000 ... a month.

Clearly, I did this internship thing all wrong.

That means if an intern at Facebook worked a full 12 months, she would make $96,000 a year. To put this number in perspective, the median annual salary of full-time U.S. employees is $51,350, according to Glassdoor. So much for "the experience" being all the pay you need.

In addition to hefty paychecks, the top companies also offer their interns things that go beyond making copies and taking lunch orders — like an amazing company culture, hands-on projects and meaningful mentorships, not to mention perks that range from free food and drink to networking events.

Curious who else tops the list? Here are the top 10 companies, as well as their median monthly pay.

10 Highest Paying Internships

1. Facebook: $8,000
2. Microsoft: $7,100
3. ExxonMobil: $6,507
4. Salesforce: $6,450
5. Amazon: $6,400
6. Apple: $6,400
7. Bloomberg L.P.: $6,400
8. Yelp: $6,400
9. Yahoo: $6,080
10. VMware: $6,080

While I can't go back in time and convince my college-aged self to forget about her dreams and go for the money instead, for those of you still in school and thinking about those summer internships — you may want to start with these companies.

Although, I'm guessing they're being flooded with a sudden influx of applicants right about now.

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