These Are the Companies LinkedIn Users Are Dying to Work For

These Are the Companies LinkedIn Users Are Dying to Work For

If you’ve ever dreamt of working for a big name like Google, Amazon or Facebook, it’ll come as no surprise that you’re not alone. In fact, these companies are the top three most sought-after companies in the country by workers, according to a recent ranking by LinkedIn.

The study analyzed the actions of the professional networking site’s 500+ million members to come up with its list, which was based on three core data sets: employee retention, the rate at which people are viewing and applying to job postings, and overall engagement with a company’s brand.

With that said, here are the companies that made the top 10 list, along with the total number of global employees that work for them.

Top 10 Companies LinkedIn Users Want to Work For

1. Alphabet (Google’s parent company; 72,000 employees)
2. Amazon (341,400 employees)
3. Facebook (17,000 employees)
4. Salesforce (25,000 employees)
5. Uber (12,000 employees)
6. Tesla (30,000 employees)
7. Apple (110,000 employees)
8. Time Warner (25,000 employees)
9. The Walt Disney Company (195,000 employees)
10. Comcast NBCUniversal (160,000 employees)

Aside from being recognizable names, the top 10 companies also have some other things in common. One is employee benefits: Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is notable for the resources and opportunities it gives employees to address big projects, while Amazon has a “leave share” policy, which lets employees give six weeks of paid leave to their spouse or partner, if those spouses aren’t eligible for leave at their own company.

One of my favorite employee perks has to be at The Walt Disney Company, which gives employees and their dependents free passes to Disney theme parks (although I’ll happily skip out on the “It’s a Small World” ride to avoid having that song stuck in my head).

Also interesting to note: The companies on the list weren’t necessarily ones to avoid public-relations controversies. Companies such as Facebook, Airbnb and Uber were all embroiled in controversies this year, but still managed to crack the top 50.

With so much talent vying for positions at these places, it can be difficult to make your application stand out from the rest. So check out these tips for how to answer basic interview questions, as well as a few LinkedIn job hunting strategies you may not know about. Happy hunting!


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