The Most Expensive City to Date in America Is ...

The Most Expensive City to Date in America Is ...

Any single person, myself included, can tell you that dating is expensive. Drinks here, dinner there, it all adds up — fast. In fact, a recent survey put the average yearly cost of dating at $1,596, which breaks down to about one $30 date a week.

Well, that seems like pennies compared with the numbers just released by Deutsche Bank on the price of dating in cities around the world. The top U.S. city to make the list? New York City, of course, where cab rides, a pub dinner, soft drinks, movie tickets and a beer each will run you a whopping $133.60.

And that's for a cheap date, as defined by the study. Imagine where that number could go if you swapped in some cocktails and a meal requiring utensils. (I don't have to imagine, I can tell you: It goes much, much higher.)

Other U.S. cities to make the list were San Francisco, where the same date night itinerary will cost you $129.50, and Chicago and Boston, which tied at $122.50.

The silver lining — or even scarier discovery — depending on if you're a glass half-full or half-empty person, is that dating is even more expensive outside of the U.S. The most expensive city in the world is Zurich, Switzerland, where the same night out costs $195.90 (when converted to U.S. dollars). Here's a rundown of the 10 priciest cities worldwide:

1. Zurich, Switzerland; $195.90
2. Oslo, Norway; $163.60
3. Tokyo, Japan; $163
4. Copenhagen, Denmark; $154.20
5. Stockholm, Sweden; $146.70
6. Amsterdam, Netherlands; $134.30
7. New York City, U.S.; $133.60
8. Helsinki, Finland; $132.10
9. San Francisco, U.S.; $129.50
10. Brussels, Belgium; $129.10

For a rundown of all 47 cities, check out the full list here. And the next time you're shocked by the bill at the end of a date, just remind yourself: It could be worse in Zurich.

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