Millennials Are Driving an Increase in RV Sales

Millennials Are Driving an Increase in RV Sales

If you're in your 20s or 30s, you might think of an RV as the vehicular equivalent of wearing tube socks with sandals. Recreational vehicles have kind of an old-fogey vibe, in part because they're often purchased by empty-nesters looking to do some cross-country exploration in their retirement.

But recent data published in USA Today shows that RV sales are on the rise, and it's not just your grandpa who's buying. By the end of 2017, manufacturers expect to ship a total of 446,000 RVs in 2017, up 3.6% from 430,691 last year, and that's in large part due to a wave of Millennials opting for affordable vacation travel.

Industry experts attribute the trend to low gas prices, favorable interest rates, and millennials' growing interest in experiencing the great outdoors. To be clear, it's trailers, not mobile homes these relative youngsters are purchasing (they now make up 87% of the units sold).

The millennial buyers tend to be couples who don't yet have kids. So if you and your special someone are looking to see a bit more of the world before baby, an RV could be the way to hit the road.

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