Google Is Making Your Emailing Life a Lot Easier

Google Is Making Your Emailing Life a Lot Easier

If you've ever wanted to send an email but haven't had two hands free and thought, "I just wish my brain could send this email for me," you are about to get psyched.

Gmail's "Smart Reply" feature basically does just that. And now, Google is updating it so that it works on iOS and Android.

What is "Smart Reply," you ask? It's awesome. It suggests responses to your emails, taking into consideration both the content and tone of the note you're replying to. You can choose one of the suggested responses and immediately send, or tailor it to sound more like you.

The fun part is, you may not even need to customize: Smart Reply picks up on your own preferences and tone and adapts over time so your cover won't be blown by a bunch of canned responses that sound nothing like you. LearnVest's senior director of content marketing, Lauren Sullivan, is already geeking out about how accurate the feature's responses are.

In response to a project update, it suggested, "Sounds good, thanks!" — or, as Sullivan describes — "exactly what I would have said!"

Prior to this release, Smart Reply already accounted for 12% of replied in Inbox on mobile, according to Google.

The company also announced some serious game-changers at its annual developers conference, like the ability to point your phone's camera at a restaurant and get instant reviews with Google Lens or get directions not just to a store, but to the specific item you're looking for within that store with visual positioning system (VPS).

You can bet we'll be impatiently waiting for those releases!

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