Boston Is the Top U.S. City for Best Quality of Life

Boston Is the Top U.S. City for Best Quality of Life

It might be known for its funny accents, plethora of universities or as the birthplace of bands like Aerosmith, The Pixies and New Kids on the Block, but here's one more reason to have Boston on your radar. According to Deutsche Bank's Mapping the World's Prices 2017 report, the Massachusetts capital is the best U.S. city to live in for quality of life.

Boston came in at number eight overall as the top U.S. city on the list and the only one to crack the top 10. A high ranking in purchasing power, as well as top marks for property price to income ratio, a low pollution index and good health care helped secure the New England city's spot.

And even if you can't make it out to the home of the Red Sox to live, a quick visit may be well worth your money — it was the most affordable U.S. city for a weekend getaway and a cheap date, according to the index.

Other Major U.S. Cities for Best Quality of Life Include:

• San Francisco at #18
• Chicago at #22
• New York City at #28

And if you're thinking of ditching home and moving internationally, you may want to get your citizenship docs ready for Wellington, New Zealand; Edinburgh, United Kingdom; or Vienna, Austria — the best three cities overall.

The Top 20 Best Cities for Quality of Life Around the World:

1. Wellington, New Zealand
2. Edinburgh, United Kingdom
3. Vienna, Austria
4. Melbourne, Australia
5. Zurich, Switzerland
6. Copenhagen, Denmark
7. Ottawa, Canada
8. Boston, United States
9. Amsterdam, Netherlands
10. Sydney, Australia
11. Helsinki, Finland
11. Berlin, Germany
13. Auckland, New Zealand
14. Toronto, Canada
15. Lisbon, Portugal
16. Madrid, Spain
17. Cape Town, South Africa
18. San Francisco, United States
19. Prague, Czech Republic
20. Stockholm, Sweden

The annual survey added a quality of life index for the first time this year, the data for which was mostly crowdsourced, and ranks the top 47 major cities around the world based on purchasing power, safety, health care, cost of living, property price to income ratio, traffic, pollution and climate factors.

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