Monthly Archives: May 2017

These Are the Days of the Week When You’ll Get Your Best and Worst Sleep

A new survey reveals how inconsistent getting a good night’s sleep can be — which can be a real blow to your productivity. More

Millennials Are Starting More New Businesses Than Any Other Generation

The entrepreneurial spirit is stronger than ever in millennials. More

Salaries for These Jobs Are Growing the Fastest (and No, They’re Not All in Tech)

A new study highlights the jobs where compensation is increasing faster than the national average. More

Spending More Than 30% of Your Paycheck On Rent? Here’s How to Cut Costs

Sometimes paying high rent is just a reality of life, but these 6 tips can help you cope. More

Millennials Are Driving an Increase in RV Sales

Data shows that recreational vehicles aren’t just for old folks anymore. More

Home Prices Are Increasing the Most in These Major Cities

The latest Case-Shiller report finds home price increases are at a three-year high.

You Can Now Rent Jennifer Lawrence’s New York City Apartment

The Oscar-winning actress has put her home up for $27,500 a month. More

New Research Predicts a $400 Trillion Deficit in Retirement Savings by 2050

A new study reveals why the world’s biggest economies won’t be prepared for retirement.

And 2017′s Best Beach in the Country Is …

This Florida beach was named No. 1 — the first time any spot has ranked at the top twice. More

American Teens Took a Financial Literacy Test, and The Results Aren’t Pretty

New research shows teens at both home and abroad need a boost when it comes to money smarts. More