Want to Nail Your Next Interview? Rehearse for the Role

Want to Nail Your Next Interview? Rehearse for the Role

You know those "rehearsal conversations" you have before a stressful talk, that usually take place in the shower or while you're sitting in traffic?

Turns out, the habit that gets you weird looks from other drivers is a useful job-landing skill, if you take it to the next level.

Crafting a character and actually practicing your performance before the big show (in this case, a job interview) could actually help you nail it, according to Cathy Salit for the Harvard Business Review.

And like any good actor, you'll actually have to become the person you want to be in this new position, not just a more polished version of yourself.

“In the job interview, you are literally auditioning for a new role. Developing your skills as a performer will help you not only to land the job, it will also help you grow and gain a new skill that is critical in the 21st century workplace — navigating constant change that requires flexibility and new performances all the time,” writes Salit.

So how do you craft this new-and-improved you? By figuring out exactly what the interviewer is looking for. Find out the most important qualities needed for the role, what the company culture is like and how successful people in similar roles conduct themselves. Then, get in character and rehearse exactly how you’ll act in the interview.

Since you’ll most likely be pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, you’ll want to try out this new character a few times. Don’t wait until you’re sitting in the interview room to be a confident extrovert for the first time.

You may not win an Oscar, but you could walk away with your dream job!

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