Turns Out, A Lot of Us Are Losing Sleep Over Money Worries

Turns Out, A Lot of Us Are Losing Sleep Over Money Worries

We all feel better after a nice long night of sleep. But something is keeping us up, and it’s time we got back to snoozing.

new report from CreditCards.com finds 65% of Americans are losing sleep over money worries.

The poll, which surveyed 1,000 U.S. adults, finds that health care and insurance bills are the biggest stressor, with 38% of respondents naming this as the main culprit behind their financial insomnia.

Medical bills aren't the only things top of mind; other money worries leading to a lack of shut-eye include saving enough for retirement (37%), student loan debt (34%), mortgage and rent payments (26%) and credit card debt (22%).

The good news: about two in three people are actively reducing their expenses to ease the stress. And that’s important, because a lack of sleep has been linked to lower work performance (one study says sleep deprivation is as bad as showing up to work drunk ... yikes!). With time, this can affect your career advancement, pay and health, which then can keep the vicious cycle going and going.

If you're feeling like a money-stressed zombie, fret no more. We’ve got you:

If you're worried about paying for health care and insurance costs ... here are concrete steps that can help you tackle medical debt, such as offering to negotiate or looking into financial aid — before it wrecks your credit.

If you're worried about saving enough for retirement ... calculating your cost of retirement can bring some peace of mind. This formula even makes it kind of fun. Not sure how to start saving? Here are a few ideas.

If you're worried about your student loan debt ... remember that simply getting organized and having a plan can be a good start. If you've got these other financial musts checked off, you might consider paying more than the minimum due, refinancing and more to get ahead of your outstanding balances.

If you're worried about your mortgage and rent payments ... you might be able to get more out your budget by cutting down these big costs. Additionally, homeowners may want to seriously consider the process of refinancing a mortgage (or could roommates be in your future?). For some inspo to keep your chin up, here's how one person paid $100,000 off his mortgage in under two years.

If you're worried about your credit card debt ... these questions to ask your credit card issuer, like getting a few late fees waived or lowering your APR, can help ease the burden.

Once you've planned how to get organized, reduce costs and tackle expenses, the benefits of getting more rest may follow, like exercising better judgment, exuding a more positive attitude and overall being a healthier you.


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