Starbucks Takes a Drink From Its 'Secret Menu' and Makes It Official

Starbucks Takes a Drink From Its 'Secret Menu' and Makes It Official

If spring had an official beverage, it just might be the Pink Drink.

Sweet and light, this cherry blossom–shade of deliciousness is likely to replace my mid-afternoon latte. It's also creating a huge stir at the counter at Starbucks, where it was just bumped up from secret menu item (meaning you had to ask your barista to make it for you) to bona fide offering.

The Pink Drink (technically known as “Strawberry Acai Refreshers Beverage”) has also taken over social media this week and become an Instagram superstar with its own hashtag.

There’s more to this sip than just good looks. At $4 and change for a grande, the nondairy Pink Drink offers some actual nutrition. Starbucks' own "coconutmilk" is topped with a scoop of real sliced strawberries, enough to satisfy 25% of your daily vitamin C requirement and possibly qualify as a fruit serving.

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Like other recent Starbucks menu items upgraded from trendy secret to menu-board staple (such as the Medicine Ball, the hot tea/lemonade concoction with reported cold-curing powers), the Pink Drink started off as a fan invention last summer.

Customers in the know would ask baristas to make it and personalize it by adding in milk, syrup and toppings. As thousands of pretty pink photos deluged social media feeds nationwide, Starbucks smartly realized it had a hit on its hands and made it official.

The caffeine level doesn't come close to what's in actual coffee or tea, so it’s not the kind of sip that’ll give you a jolt for a productive work day. But if you’re loving the warmer weather and already making plans for Memorial Day, sipping a Pink Drink will reinforce your spring-fever buzz.

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