How You’re Spending $8 a Day Before Even Leaving the House

How You’re Spending $8 a Day Before Even Leaving the House

Quick! How many products touched your face from the time you hit snooze on your alarm to when you dashed out the door this morning?

Even if you're no beauty junkie, it’s likely that number reaches the double digits. A new survey from beauty retailer SkinStore estimates that the average woman uses a whopping 16 products during her morning routine. That includes everything from your Vitamin C-infused face wash to the final swipe of lipstick.


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The survey finds that the average woman will spend $300,000 on any number of lotions, potions and other beauty goods over the course of her lifetime. That’s an average of $8 a day worth of product, from skincare to cosmetics.

If you're on the East Coast, that figure might be higher — women in New York, Connecticut and West Virginia are estimated to wear an average of $11 worth of products each day. Those in Western states get their beauty fix on a budget: Women in Montana, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico wear an average of $5 or less.

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An overflowing makeup bag also means more prep time each morning. Women in New York spend an average of 21 minutes on their morning beauty routines (mastering the "cat eye" takes time ... ), whereas women in California prime their faces in a speedy 3 minutes.

And not all beauty products are loved equally across the country. Ladies in Delaware are most likely to splurge on lipstick, whereas women in South Carolina spend the most on foundation, and those in Alaska pony up most for moisturizer.

Whether you're a makeup maven who considers her beauty counter a sanctuary, or a bare-faced beauty who prefers the minimalist route, there's one thing we can all agree on: getting our makeup off in the fastest way possible. The survey reports that women spend just 6 minutes removing their makeup every night before bed.

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