Why It Could Be a Good Time to Talk Salary With Your Boss

Why It Could Be a Good Time to Talk Salary With Your Boss

April has just begun, but we can already tell it’ll be a busy month. Between the fun seasonal hallmarks (spring break, warmer weather, longer days) and the not-so-fun (hello, taxes!), it can be easy to let your financial goals slip through the cracks.

That’s where we come in. Below, we’ve put together five financial to-dos to knock out this month to make the most of these next 30 days.

1. Bring Up That Pay Raise

Deadline: Tuesday, April 4

It’s not news that women earn notoriously less than their male counterparts, but that shouldn’t stop you from asking for the salary or title you deserve — and what better day to sit down with your boss than Equal Pay Day? First, though, make sure you’re prepared to back up your case for a pay bump with tangible evidence. So dig up those client emails praising your first-class customer service or those sales figures that show you killed your most recent quota.

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2. Plan Your Kids' Spring Break Schedules

Deadline: Saturday, April 8

If your children's spring break falls in April and you don't have a family trip planned, you’re probably stressing about how to keep them busy for a whole week in a way that doesn't cost you an arm and a leg. Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered with these 11 totally free (yes, free!) ideas, from creating an indoor obstacle course to organizing an art show. You’re welcome.

3. File Your Taxes

Deadline: Friday, April 14

Calling all procrastinators! Still haven’t submitted those taxes yet? Well, the good news is you have a few extra days this year; the official deadline is Tuesday, April 18. Do yourself a favor and knock them out now, rather than wait until the very last day, so you don’t wind up getting hit with penalties.

4. Go Green to Save Green

Deadline: Saturday, April 22

Happy Earth Day! If you’ve been meaning to reduce your carbon footprint, this is the perfect time to start. In case you need some inspiration, check out these 18 ways to do a little extra for the environment. An added perk? These tips can also help save you some cash.

5. Get Educated About a Financial Topic

Deadline: Thursday, April 27

Is there an area of your money life that you’ve been avoiding because it seems too confusing? Maybe it’s how to roll over your 401(k), setting up an IRA or getting into the investing game. Whatever the topic or to-do, take some time to learn more about it — it is Financial Literacy Month, after all. Trust us; once you take the first steps, you’ll find that what you've been avoiding isn't as scary or as frustrating as you originally thought.

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