Starbucks' Secret Healthy Drink Is Now on the Regular Menu

Starbucks' Secret Healthy Drink Is Now on the Regular Menu

If spring allergies are killing your sinuses or you're in a post-winter head cold haze, you may want to stop into your nearest Starbucks and soothe yourself with a Medicine Ball.


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A Medicine what? Formerly on Starbucks’ secret menu list (meaning the drink wasn't advertised and you had to ask a barista to make it for you), the Medicine Ball is a tea concoction that has become an official Starbucks menu item thanks to the power of social media.

The Medicine Ball's road from underground trend to rock star status began last fall, when Starbucks’ customers started Instagramming images of the hot brew, according to Fortune. As the snaps spread through social media feeds, more people began ordering it across the country.

Sneezing and sniffling? Add Starbucks' Medicine Ball to your anti-cold arsenal.

Managers at various Starbucks reported the surge in orders to corporate headquarters. At the company's annual shareholders meeting last week, Starbucks President and COO Kevin Johnston said that the Medicine Ball had been fast-tracked to the official menu in a day, a move that normally would take weeks or months, reported Fortune.

Even though it has the green light, the Medicine Ball might not be on the menu board at your local Starbucks. When we hit our go-to outlet in New York City to give it a test-drive, the name wasn't listed anywhere; the barista knew what the Medicine Ball was and how to make it but said to his knowledge it was still on the secret menu.

In case your barista gives you the side-eye when you try to order one, rattle off the list of ingredients, as stated on a Starbucks Instagram: steamed lemonade, hot water, Jade Citrus Mint green tea, Peach Tranquility Herbal tea, and a packet of honey. A squirt of peppermint is optional.

So what's it taste like? With a name like Medicine Ball, we expected it to taste like Nyquil. But it's actually sweet and pleasing, with critrusy notes a hint of a menthol aftertaste. We can't vouch that it'll cure a cold, but it makes for a soothing brew to keep your workday smooth and productive.

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