Can Amazon's New Style App Help You Dress Better? We Take It for a Test Drive

Can Amazon's New Style App Help You Dress Better? We Take It for a Test Drive

Like many working moms, I don't have a lot of free time to spend on picking out outfits.

Yet I often find myself fumbling around my closet, trying on multiple clothing combos and searching for answers in my mirror before finally making a decision.

So when I heard about Amazon Prime’s new Outfit Compare feature on their app, I realized this could be exactly what I need to help me narrow down what to wear to business meet-ups, date night with my husband, my beloved barre classes, or just on a school run picking up my preschool-age boys.

I’m already an Amazon Prime member ($99 per year), so all I had to do was navigate within the app on my iPhone 7 to head to Outfit Compare under the “Programs and Features” tab. (Available soon on Android.)

It's super simple: Upload two photos of yourself in different outfits, and an Amazon fashion consultant will get right back to you with which one is the winner. It’s "a second opinion on what to wear," as Amazon puts it.

1. Everyday Look

Here goes my test drive. I first opted to compare my everyday mom outfits: a dark gray Alo sweatshirt, matching gray Vans sneakers and light jeans versus a peach T-shirt and dark jeans combo. I hit the “compare” button, and about five minutes later — a little bit longer than the one minute Amazon promises — I had my verdict.

The fashionistas behind the app chose the sweatshirt and jeans, which I agree reflects my rocker-girl roots. The answer comes via a fun "style scale" presentation that puts an orange check beside the winning outfit. I was impressed, but only mildly so. Left on my own without a digital stylist, I would have probably come to the same conclusion.


2. Date Night Wardrobe

I gave Outfit Compare another try, quickly changing into the date night apparel I thought I'd wear for an upcoming Saturday dinner: a trendy black top with lace details and dark blue skinny jeans, versus something a little wilder: a bright red, off-the shoulder top with matching heels and an Aztec-print skirt.

Okay, so I kind of knew that I’d probably never wear something as garish as a bright red top and Aztec-print skirt to date night. Sure enough, the app agreed with me. Good to know we're on the same page.


3. Business Casual Vibe

When it came to comparing business casual outfits, things took a different turn. When I uploaded what I thought was a surefire hit — wide-legged Banana Republic pants with a teal, shiny lightweight sweater — and pitted it against a white button-down and dark blue skinny jeans number, the app chose the latter.

OutfitcompareworkA bit bewildered, I decided to check in with my friends. Which of the two outfits did they think was the best professional getup? I was shocked when both of them said they agreed with Amazon!

4. Gym Style

The last outfits I test drove were two versions of basic workout gear: leggings, tank tops and sneakers. This was the only time the Amazon fashion stylists checked the "It was a close call" box. I appreciate knowing that sometimes there's a little disagreement behind the screen.


So is Outfit Compare worth it in terms of time and money? I think the app could be a real timesaver, particularly if you're getting dressed for something important, like a job interview. I wouldn't recommend getting Prime for the Outfit Compare feature only, but if you already have a $99 Prime annual membership — or think the sum of the services are worth the fee — then why not try it? It can't hurt to have that style second opinion at the ready.

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