Monthly Archives: January 2017

Why Today’s Big Obamacare Deadline (Still) Matters to You

The deadline to buy an ACA health plan is here. Even though the laws could change, here’s why you should still consider signing up. More

5 Things You Didn’t Know You Should Negotiate in a Job Offer

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7 Ways to Help Hack-Proof Your Smartphone

In honor of Data Privacy Day on January 28th, here are super-easy steps to help you secure your smartphone info. More

9 Ways to Make This Your Best Career Year Ever

It’s hiring and promotion season at many companies—and prime time to boost your career. These tips can get the ball rolling. More

The New Price Tag for Raising a Kid

The latest cost estimate for rearing a child? $233K. Here are a few baby-prep money tips if a new addition is on the way. More

The Latest Reason Millennials Have Put Homeownership on Pause

Here’s how the Fed’s interest rate hike—among other factors—is making it tough for young adults to fulfill picket-fence dreams. More

How to Have a Social Life on a Budget, Even When Your Friends Spend More

You can have a full social life and also reach your financial goals. You just need to have the money talk with your friends first. More

From London to Rio: A Guide to the Best Travel Deals of 2017

Our month-by-month list of money-saving vacation destinations will help you plan an entire year’s worth of wallet-friendly trips. More

Should You File Your Taxes Early?

From preventing fraud to getting your hands on your refund cash quicker, here’s what you should know before deciding. More

5 Ways to Make a New Money Habit Stick

These steps can help keep your resolutions on track for the long haul. More