Your Must-Read Money Stories of the Week: Why $5K Is the Sweet Spot for Home Reno ROI

Your Must-Read Money Stories of the Week: Why $5K Is the Sweet Spot for Home Reno ROI

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles of the week. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

The warmup in temps might have you daydreaming about new home projects, but before you get to planning, find out which renovations are worth the time—and investment. Why a $5,000 Home Renovation Pays Off the Most — MarketWatch

Thinking of what to do with that refund check you're expecting from Uncle Sam? According to a recent poll, 27% of respondents said they planned to pay off their debt, while 25% said they're using it to pad their savings. What Are Americans Spending Their Tax Refunds on This Year? —

You've been diligently socking away for a rainy day—and then that rainy day finally came. Whether you tapped your emergency savings for car repairs or a surprise ER visit, these tips can help you reboot your backup funds—and confidence—after a money 911. Savers Battle to Keep Emergency Fund Filled — Reuters

You may think you're doing enough to beef up your retirement fund, but new polls shows that 30% are worried their savings will run out in just 15 years. Which demographic is mostly likely to feel the nest egg pinch? Retirement Is Looking Even Worse for Americans — Bloomberg

Your inbox often feels like a black hole of never-ending emails, so the thought of sorting through it likely gives you a headache. From organizing digital files to creating a different account for purchases, time management experts weigh in on their best productivity tips. 6 Steps To Tame Your Email Overload — Fast Company


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