How to Survive a Home Reno With Your Spouse—Sans Drama

How to Survive a Home Reno With Your Spouse—Sans Drama

This story originally appeared on HomeAdvisor.

In a recent HomeAdvisor survey, more than half of respondents who reported completing a remodeling project with a spouse or domestic partner admitted to arguing with their partners during the process. In fact, 3% even considered separation or divorce! Check out the infographic below to see what couples argue most about—and to get some expert advice to help keep your relationship from crumbling under the pressure.

Relationship Safe Remodeling Infographic
Relationship Safe Remodeling – An infographic by HomeAdvisor

About Dr. Karen Ruskin
Psychotherapist Dr. Karen Ruskin is a marriage and family therapist with more than 20 years’ experience in the field. A sought after keynote speaker and media resource, she has has offered her expertise to help thousands of couples enhance their relationships. To learn more about her practice — as well as her new book, Dr Karen’s Marriage Manual — visit Dr. Ruskin’s website.

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