Your Must-Read Money Stories of the Week: HR's Dirty Little (Wage Gap) Secret

Your Must-Read Money Stories of the Week: HR's Dirty Little (Wage Gap) Secret

We’ve scoured the web to bring you our favorite and most useful money-related articles of the week. We read everything, so you don’t have to!

Still don't think the gender wage gap is an issue? A new poll from CareerBuilder shows just how real it is: As many as one in five human resource managers acknowledge that women in their companies earn less than their male counterparts do for the same work. From compensation to salary negotiation to leadership roles, just how big is the divide? HR Managers Admit There's A Wage Gap In Their Companies — Fast Company

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes ... taxes? While 2015 was a groundbreaking year for same-sex couples, the challenges of tax season can present new hurdles for newlyweds filing jointly for the first time. Here are three key things same-sex couples should keep in mind. For Same-Sex Couples, Marriage Can Complicate Taxes — Reuters

Seventy (and beyond) is the new 65—at least when it comes to the age at which women retire. Stats show that the share of older working women in the labor force has grown since the Great Recession, even as the percentage of every other demographic has stayed flat or decreased. Here's why more women are clocking in during their golden years. How Older Women Are Reshaping U.S. Job Market — The Wall Street Journal

Americans' financial optimism might be up, but their savings rates aren't. So says a new index from Bankrate, which found that 52%of Americans have more stashed in emergency savings than they have in credit card debt—down from 58% in 2015. But one generation is outpacing the rest when it comes to saving for a rainy day. Survey: Financial Security Rises, But Saving for Emergencies Lags — Bankrate

Need a better way to clear out your inbox, or keep away from social media during your 9-to-5? There's an app for that. Whether you're trying to streamline a group project or simply nip procrastination in the bud, these all-star tools can help your day go off without a hitch. 10 Best Apps for Productivity You Can Use on Your Smartphone So You Can Never Stop Working — Mic


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