Dining Out vs. Eating In: Why It’s Good to Get Cooking Again

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Dining Out vs. Eating In: Why It’s Good to Get Cooking Again

Between a long day at work and running household errands, it can be easy to reach for that take-out menu (or app).

But ordering in or dining out night after night has the potential to wreak havoc on your wallet, not to mention your waistline. Paying for the markup on restaurant prices means you’re probably spending more of your food budget than you’d like—plus, you’re not as in control over whether your family is truly eating a fresh and healthy meal.

If you’re still this close to piling everyone into the car and heading to your nearest pizza joint, the numbers below may convince you to do otherwise. Here's a look at the personal and financial benefits of cooking at home, along with some smart and healthy ways to play chef in your own kitchen again.

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