Genius All-Access Passes You Didn’t Know Could Save You Money


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    • Alix Gorshow

      This list is really great and helpful, thank you for putting it together!

      In regards to No. 7, I’m an avid concert-goer (I see about 5 shows at min. a year). The the whole point of going to see the shows live is for the experience. So why would I pay a subscription to see the shows digitally? Even more so, if I wanted to watch the show online, I’d use YouTube to stream them for free.

      • Bk native

        Five concerts a year or thereabouts isn’t really considered avid. Me and my friends do that in a month. Granted some are in small venues but we definitely go see alot of live music. Summertime it easily goes up to ten or more per month. You should come hangout with me/us. You’re more than welcome. Good day, Mike

        • Gila Heller

          She said 5 at minimum, not “five or thereabouts”

      • Bk native

        I must add though that you’re so right about the subscription service. First off, I can see concerts for a year on YouTube and still not see them all. And why miss the experience of seeing a concert that’s way more thrilling to see live. As well as I doubt anyone is gonna dance in front of their screen for two to four hours as I do at most concerts.