Don't Want to Work 24/7? Consider These 25 Jobs

Don't Want to Work 24/7? Consider These 25 Jobs

When was the last time you worked a true eight-hour day?

That means no scanning emails after your morning alarm, and no approving budgets before lights out.

We thought so.


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Even with some companies making headlines for generous policies, work-life balance continues to elude many of us.

In fact, career site Glassdoor finds that such satisfaction has steadily declined over the past six years.

But it also offers a silver lining of sorts, with a new report calling out the 25 top work-life balance jobs, according to those who'd know best—the employees.

The verdict?

Data scientists are happiest with the hours they clock in, followed by SEO managers, talent acquisition specialists, social media managers and substitute teachers. Each of these roles scored a satisfaction rating of 3.9 or higher (out of 5).

Interestingly, the results suggest that a high salary isn't necessarily a requirement. For instance, while data scientists (No. 1) tip the scale at nearly $115,000 a year, substitute teachers (No. 5) and lab assistants (No. 23) brought home $24,380 and $27,550, respectively.

Glassdoor didn't specifically rank jobs with the lowest work-life balance ratings, but it did provide Bloomberg with some that fell below the average score of 3.2, including social worker, claims examiner, mental health therapist and reporter.

Wondering how your job measures up? Check out the top 25 rankings of the positions that offer the best work-life balance.

Whatever your career, if your balance could use a boost, the 168 Hours Challenge can help in evaluating where you really spend your time.


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