Is the Grass Really Greener? 3 People Test Self-Employment


girl running through grassAsk most people if they’d like to be their own boss and there’s a good chance you’ll hear “yes”—especially if it’s a Monday morning.

But when it comes to following through with that wish, few of us end up veering off the beaten career path.

In fact, a Pew report finds that only 10% of the workforce is self-employed—a number that has actually declined slightly over the past 20 years.

But while quitting your day job to go solo is admittedly risky, like all risks it can lead to rewards—including a boost to your career satisfaction levels and even your bottom line.

To see what it really takes to strike out on your own, we found three wannabe-self-employed dreamers and asked them to share their plans with us.

Then we asked career and money pros to assess if they’re really ready to make their DIY career dreams a reality.