All (Money) Things Considered: NPR Debuts a New $$$ Series

All (Money) Things Considered: NPR Debuts a New $$$ Series

A pre-dawn run or shot of espresso are popular ways to give your day a boost.

But have you considered a quick dose of financial know-how?

That's the premise of NPR's new series "Your Money and Your Life," which previewed last Sunday and has been airing daily this week on Morning Edition

So far, its 5- to-7-minute snippets have covered topics like savings mistakes to avoid and how investment fees impact the returns of retirement accounts.


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In fact, it was the dire state of Americans' savings that spurred NPR correspondent Chris Arnold's involvement.

"About a year ago I was watching Janet Yellen give a speech, and she put up a chart showing that half of American families with children have basically no assets," Arnold said during the series preview.

"That’s one of the things that got me motivated to offer our listeners some really actionable, helpful information online and to help people get started saving and making better investment decisions," he added.

The series extends beyond the airwaves to Facebook, where NPR wants to spark conversation among its followers, whose feedback will help shape future episodes.

If you've yet to tune in, it's not too late—"Your Money and Your Life" will continue on a weekly basis on All Things Considered through November 27. You can also find previous episodes online.

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